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Ignition module detection method, working principle, how to repair the inconsistency of the built-in cylinder judgment sensor?

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How to repair the inconsistency of the built-in cylinder judgment sensor in the ignition module?
The ignition module manufacturer tells you that according to the failure analysis of your car, in this case, you need to connect a diode test light to check whether the pulse signal voltage from the ignition coil to the engine computer version is appropriate. If the diode test light does not light up, the line is also connected. The situation is caused by the problem with the engine computer version itself.

The ignition module has several wires
The four wires of the ignition coil plug of the car are the ground wire, the signal wire, the power wire, and the signal wire.
Its role is:
1. Ground wire: rely on these ground wires to transmit current.
2. Signal line: connected to the engine control module.
3. Power cord: connect to electricity and provide power.

The detection method of automobile ignition module
1. Disconnect the ignition switch and unplug the ignition signal generator harness connector on the distributor;

2. Turn on the ignition switch, and check the voltage between the "+" and "terminals of the ignition coil with a multimeter. The value should not be less than 2V and gradually drop to 0V after 1-2s, otherwise, the ignition module may have The problem can be further confirmed by the following methods;

3. Use a short wire to connect the ignition Hall sensor signal input pin of the ignition module to the ground instantaneously, and the indicated value of the multimeter should immediately rise to 2V, otherwise, the ignition module or its connecting wire is faulty;

4. Turn on the ignition switch, and use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the two terminals of the ignition signal generator harness connector, which should not be less than 5V. If the voltage value is less than 5V, use a multimeter to measure the voltage added to the power supply pins of the ignition Hall sensor. If the voltage value is still low, find the reason. If the measured value is not less than 5V, it means that the connection line between the ignition module and the signal generator is faulty and should be repaired or replaced.

How the ignition module works:
1. After the car ignition module is powered on, the power indicator light is on (green light). The switch is in the ON/OFF state without a power-on response. The switch-ON-system self-checks and ignites after 0.6 seconds, and then the solenoid valve is turned on. It detects a flame signal and stops the ignition. The indicator light is on (yellow light);
2. The ignition time for no fire is 10 seconds, and the fire can be turned off at any time. During the ignition period, if a flame signal is detected, it will enter the normal working state. If there is no flame signal within 10 seconds, the solenoid valve will be closed. The alarm indicator light is on (red);
3. To use the remote control function, an external 24VDC power input is required to control the on and off of the controller by closing the switch.