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Difference between spark coils and ignition plugs

Difference between spark coils and ignition plugs

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Ignition coils and spark plugs are very common parts on car engines, and they are also one of the basic knowledge of cars that some old drivers should know, but some car owners may not know them, so what is the difference between spark coils and spark plugs?

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(1) different functions
The ignition coil converts the 12-volt voltage provided by the car battery, which can reach tens of thousands of voltages, and then provides it to the spark plug, which stimulates a high-voltage electric spark through the spark plug, which can ignite the mixture and start the engine to make it work.
The spark plug is the main component in the ignition system of a car engine. Its function is to introduce tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage electricity generated by the ignition coil into the engine cylinder and generate sparks between the gaps of the spark plug electrodes to ignite the mixture.

(2) The damage is different
The reason is that one is a non-wearing part and the other is a wearing part. Ignition coils are generally not easy to damage and are not vulnerable parts. After a period of use, the normal working performance of spark plugs will decrease, such as the opening gap increases and carbon deposits increase. If this happens, it is necessary to replace the spark plugs with new ones in time. to ensure that the engine can work normally.

The ignition device is adapted to the basic conditions of modern engine operation. The disassembly and assembly steps of the ignition coil are as follows:
(1) Open the ignition coil cover on the top of the engine;
(2) Use the Allen wrench to remove the ignition coil fixing screws;
(3) Remove the ignition coil power plug;
(4) Use a screwdriver to lift it slightly and take out the ignition coil;
(5) Put in a new ignition coil and tighten the screws;
(6) After connecting the power plug, cover the top cover.

How the ignition coil works
The low-voltage electricity of the power supply is converted into high-voltage electricity, and the high-voltage electricity is turned into a high-voltage electric spark through the spark plug to ignite the combustible gas mixture.

Precautions for the use of ignition coils
(1) Prevent the ignition coil from being heated or damp;
(2) Turn off the ignition switch when the engine is not running;
(3) Check, clean, and fasten the line connectors to avoid short circuits or grounding.

The ignition coil is replaced every 100,000 kilometers or so. How to replace the ignition coil:
(1) Open the ignition coil cover on the top of the engine;
(2) Remove the ignition coil fixing screws;
(3) Take off the ignition coil power plug, take out the old ignition coil and replace it.

Today's introduction is over here. The above is the difference between the spark coil and the ignition plug introduced by the spark coil supplier, the disassembly and assembly steps of the ignition coil, the precautions for the use of the ignition coil, and the method of replacing the ignition coil. I hope it can help Come to you, if you want to know more, pay attention to Guanchao spark coil manufacturers.