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Engine bearing manufacturers will tell you the cost of replacing engine bearings and installation precautions

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What are bearings in an engine?
Bearings are an important part of contemporary mechanical equipment. Rolling bearings are widely used in aero-engines to connect dynamic and static parts and are essential components for supporting rotating bodies and load transmission. Engine bearing manufacturer will tell you the cost of engine bearing replacement, what are the main components of the crankshaft bearing of an automobile engine, the bearing life, and precautions for installation and replacement.


Engine Bearing Replacement Costs
The price of car bearings varies according to different models. Generally, the price of replacing a tire bearing in a car repair shop is about 30 US dollars. For specific prices, it is recommended to consult the engine bearing manufacturer.

Crankshaft bearings of an automobile engine
The crankshaft is usually composed of the main journal, connecting rod journal, crank, balance weight, front end shaft, rear end flange, etc.
1. The main journal is the supporting point of the crankshaft and is installed in the main bearing seat of the upper crankcase with the main bearing cap.
2. The connecting rod journal is used to install the big end of the connecting rod. The connecting rod journal is generally made solid, and sometimes a hollow shaft is also used to reduce the mass.
3. The crank is used to connect the main journal and the connecting rod journal. The crankshaft is drilled with oil passages through the main journal, crankshaft, and connecting rod journal so that the oil in the main oil gallery on the cylinder block can lubricate the main journal and connecting rod journal. During the maintenance, the oil passage on the crankshaft should be thoroughly dredged and cleaned to avoid burning the shaft and holding the tiles.
4. In order to balance the centrifugal force, a balance weight is a cast (or fastened) at the crank. The balance weight is used to balance the centrifugal force caused by the rotating parts of the connecting rod journal and crank, and sometimes to balance a part of the reciprocating inertial force, so that the crankshaft can rotate smoothly to reduce the main bearing load, engine vibration and noise.
5. The front end shaft refers to the part before the first main journal, which is used to install timing gears (or timing sprockets), pulleys, crank front oil seals, and other accessories.
6. The rear flange refers to the part after the last main journal, which is used to connect the flywheel. In order to prevent the oil from leaking from the rear end, an oil seal device is also installed at the rear end, which is called a curved rear oil seal.

How many years is the bearing life generally?
The life of spindle bearings is different from that of ordinary bearings. The life of ordinary bearings generally refers to failures in use, such as pitting corrosion. The life of the spindle bearing means that the rotation accuracy is reduced, and it will not reach the step of pitting corrosion.
Spindle bearings are generally used in groups, and a load of a single bearing is not very high. This is a design idea that takes into account the rotation accuracy of the spindle and the use requirements of the bearing to reduce the load.
There are many factors that affect the service life of bearings. The service life of spindle bearings is difficult to calculate and predict. It is generally predicted by mathematical statistics and experience. Generally, there should be no problem in using it for 2 to 3 years, and some can be used for more than 10 years. Of course, the accuracy will decrease.

Please pay attention to the following items in the use and installation of engine bearings:
1. In order to ensure maximum safety and reliability, it is recommended that you always check the hub bearings regardless of the age of the vehicle - pay attention to the early warning signs of bearing wear: including any friction noise when turning or the suspension combination wheel turning abnormal deceleration.

For rear-wheel drive vehicles, it is recommended that the front hub bearings be lubricated when the vehicle has driven to 38,000 kilometers. When replacing the brake system, check the bearings and replace the oil seal.

2. If you hear the noise from the engine bearing, first of all, it is important to find the location where the noise occurs. There are lots of moving parts that could be generating noise, or some rotating parts making contact with non-rotating parts. If it is confirmed that the noise is in the bearings, the bearings may be damaged and need to be replaced.

3. Because the working conditions of the front hub lead to the failure of the bearings on both sides are similar, even if only one bearing is broken, the engine bearing manufacturer recommends replacing it in pairs.

4. Engine bearings need to use correct methods and suitable tools in any case. In the process of storage, transportation, and installation, the parts of the bearing must not be damaged. Some bearings require greater pressure to press in, so special tools are required.